In Madrid, 2018

Isabel Blanco | Burondo
Architect & Co-founder

Isabel Blanco is a spanish architect based in Madrid, Spain. She studied her career in the university of Alicante having completed a year at the university of Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany.

"I believe in tactile and honest architecture. Is about elmiminating excess and focusing on essential forms. For me all start with understanding the context and the belonging of the project.
To put passion into each project is fundamental and I try to create an atmosphere that removes us from the frenzied world in which we live. I look for calmness.
I don’t give up technology, but I believe that we need respect and learn from craftmanship, it will bring authenticity to a space."
Architect Tech & Co-founder
Bea founded Burondo together with her sister Isa in 2018. She combines strong intuition for shapes and details with extensive technical insight. Trained as a technical Architect at the University of Alicante in 2008, she obtained international experience and inspiration in design working for over ten years in London, UK.

“When I design something I first analyze what really matters in a space and try to simplify it. The goal is to find calmness and avoid redundancies. I like simplicity and good meaningful details.

“We are in a continuous learning process and every project and client helps us develop. Seeing an idea come to life and that time has given it that beautiful “patina” of life is the most satisfying feeling"
Beatriz Blanco | Burondo
Isabel Blanco & Bea Blanco

This is what we do

Burondo offers FULL SERVICE for architectural solutions from renovations, new-builts and interior design of residential projects, hotels and retail spaces.

We have a deep interest in the relationship between architecture and interior design. The use of pure and tactile materials translates into clean, timeless design. In all projects we pursue calm and honest atmospheres.

We always take our time to be in close dialogue with residents, owners, or users and use that knowledge to help us find the perfect balance between a functional and beautiful space, always offering the maximum proximity and the most personal understanding of the clients' needs.

"For us everything begins with bringing order to a space."

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